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Tracey Lawton, Online Business Development StrategistHello! I’m Tracey Lawton, Online Business Development Strategist, and I’ve been running my own business for over 13 years now … since November 2001. During that time, I’ve seen the online business world explode and new strategies come into play … when I first started no-one had ever heard of Facebook, social media, or adding video to your website.  Heck … many people didn’t even have a website!

I specialize in helping solo service professionals, just like YOU, to GROW their business with the RIGHT systems.  Specifically their  business management and offline & online marketing systems. And to make sense of all the different strategies, tools, and resources out there.  There are so many choices available today it’s enough to make your head spin!  Then we work together to create their customized Profit & Marketing Plan!

During the past 13 years I have worked with hundreds of solo business owners, to help them create their automated, streamlined, and systemized business … and I’d love to help you do the same!